It might seem strange but before we can jump into the end point of what we think we want, we first need to go on a journey of self-rediscovery by assessing where we currently are, so that we can understand what we need to do, before we can move forward with what we want in life.

Two practical, self serving, action programs have been developed as follows;-

Going through the process of grief/loss, following a life event or trauma,  everything changes and we need to be able to re-take command our life and to lead our own life for us, so within DISCOVER ME, we look at practical tools and techniques using, the ‘ME’ Challenge, where you will undertake an assessment / stock-take of your life, understanding where your life is today, which makes you more self aware of your environment and surroundings, and the habits that no longer serve us. This journey of self re-discovery is then applied to take action and create space in our lives for us to explore who we want to become.

FINDING ME, MYSELF AND I will be released in January 2020, more information to follow.

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What’s included:

✓ A practical course, where you can adopt tools and techniques learned from the programme into your own life

✓ 4 weeks duration covering  foundation modules to kickstart your assessment of you, through the ‘ME CHALLENGE’.

✓ A LIVE group session each week with Estelle to kickstart each module.

✓ Weekly activities to take your learning from theory into practice.

✓ Access to online materials

✓ Identify those areas of your life that you would want to improve and start exploring what a newly created life would look like for you.

This monthly online programme starts September 2019, with a maximum of 20 spaces, if full then please join the waiting list. For further information please email estelle@thesunshineclub.co.uk

What’s included:

✓ Gaining clarity on what YOU want for YOU.

✓ A pre-start questionnaire

✓ A practical programme, where you can start seeing changes to your life each week as you participate in the exercises and challenges and then take the learnings back into your own life, enabling you to start and build your new life from day 1.

✓ Create ownership, accountability and responsibility for your newly created life.

✓ Tools and techniques to become self-aware of yourself and your environment and your surroundings

✓ 10 week modules covering a multitude of topics and practical exercises to take you out of grief and into a new life for you.

✓ 2 x 1 hour private coaching calls with Estelle on your journey, goals and desired outcome.

✓ Membership to a private group facebook community for each cohort to encourage community spirit with like minded individuals also on the same journey as you.

✓ Weekly LIVE group sessions with Estelle on hot topics and programme progress

✓ Weekly challenges to take your learning from theory into practice

This programme is ran twice per year, starting January 2020, with a maximum of 20 spaces,  please join the waiting list and I will email you an invitation for a discovery call. For further information please email estelle@thesunshineclub.co.uk

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