Welcome to LUMINOSITY and shining the light within, combined mentoring and coaching programme!

This is a great, safe place to explore your life beyond grief and commit to actions to live your life for you, your way!

What’s included:

✓ Pre-work Discovery Online Questionnaire

✓ 45 minute introductory call to see if this programme is right for you. Click here to book

✓ Coaching and Mentoring to guide you beyond grief/loss, addressing what is holding you back, to take the brave steps needed to move forward to your new life chapter.

✓ Re-engineer your current work/life balance to give you space to create your new life.

✓ Create vision and purpose for the next chapter of your life

✓ This 1to1 coaching and mentoring would typically follow Grief Recovery, when your at a stage of defining what you next want to do with your life in taking it forward. Enabling you to take action to shape the  new life, you deserve for you, this could be for example fulfilling a life long ambition and/or create new and inspiring goals to step forward with focus through the journey of DISCOVER, LEARN, GROW

✓ I will first work on scoping your requirements and  then put forward a proposal to you.

✓ Private coaching calls, and if your local to Darlington, then face to face can also be arranged.

1-2-1 Coaching and mentoring, tailored to you and your circumstances  typical example would be for 10 weeks,  LUMINOSITY price £1700.

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