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1-2-1 Grief Recovery

Is your heart: Broken? Lost? Stuck?

Grief Recovery, is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible program that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves.

The 1-2-1 Action Programme is brought together over a series of 7 sessions, whereby you will work with me and start your journey of grief recovery. As a qualified grief recovery specialist, I will guide you through each stage. This Programme requires action, and it is this action that will enable you to move forward beyond grief and loss.

It is never too soon or too late to start and heal your heart!

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. Yet, we are never taught how to grieve or how to actually recover from  loss. Instead we are surrounded by myths from family, friends and acquaintances, who tell us, that “time will heal, be strong, grieve alone,  keep busy, don’t feel bad, replace the loss. How many of these have you said or had said to you?  These are all myths and non of these truly help you with grief recovery, but it does make those saying these myths feel better for themselves and in reality it doesn’t support you and your recovery, how can it?   they have no idea, whatsoever, on your feelings, emotions and beliefs because these only belong to you and no-one else.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist based in County Durham, I teach you about grief/loss and take you through Grief Recovery  enabling you to move forward with your life.

🌻 Maybe, your grief and loss has been sudden

🌻 Maybe, your grief and loss happened some time ago

🌻 Maybe, your grief and loss started before someone passed away

🌻 Maybe, your grief and loss is compounded by previous losses

🌻 Maybe, you have hit a brick wall and not able to go move beyond your loss

🌻 Maybe, you feel your life is a mess and you now don’t how to let go of the past

🌻 Maybe, you have no-one to talk to about your loss, maybe friends and family can’t relate to your pain.

🌻 Maybe, you are experiencing deep sadness from the loss of a romantic relationship and/or going through divorce.

If you are struggling to move forward from grief and loss with any these and more besides, then this program is for YOU! I teach you how to say ‘goodbye’ to the hurt and pain, because Grief Recovery works with emotions and healing your heart.

Grief Recovery is NOT grief counselling. Grief Recovery works by undertaking step by step actions each week, in support of your recovery. It has been developed over 30 years by the Grief Recovery Institute, who have placed thousands of grievers through this Grief Recovery programme.

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist I provide the Grief Recovery Institute structured programme.

It just takes some courage and your  ‘want’ and ‘need’ to recover from grief.

Whats included:

✓ A structured step by step 1-2-1 program, where, we will learn how to heal your heart by ‘completing’ on your losses, enabling you to move forward beyond grief and into the next chapter of your life.

✓  This program is 7 x 1 hour  sessions

✓ Location/Venue: My home in Darlington, County Durham (where it’s quiet)

✓ A safe, friendly and warm hearted environment that allows grievers to articulate their feelings and actively participate as an essential part of the program. Of which, as a qualified grief recovery specialist, I will facilitate.

✓ All conversations are confidential and respectful.

✓ Complimentary Grief Recovery handbook to support you before, during and after Grief Recovery.

✓ Approx an 60 to 90 minutes  of homework is required after each session in preparation for your next session

✓ An optional follow-up 30 minute support call is offered after the program has ended to answer any additional questions.

Is 1-2-1 Grief Recovery right for you? 

✓ You have experienced a significant emotional loss

✓ You live within commuter distance of Darlington and willing to travel to me for
    each session.
✓ You want to say Goodbye to your pain
✓ You want to move forward with your life  
✓ You’re not comfortable learning in a group environment
    No? Click here to find out about the weekend workshops

Next Steps

Grief Recovery Online Programme – £750 for 7 online sessions.

Pay as a lump sum or choose 3 part payments to be paid prior to session 1, 3 and 6.

Price for part payment option is £800 due to additional administration costs.

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